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Context: Marketing communication is very important to FE Credit. However, it seems that we are missing a potential segment who are students. In the future, they may become our target customers.

Proposal: Produce FE Credit notebooks and distribute them to students. This includes two steps:
1. Production: working with vendors to order FE Credit notebooks.
– Cover page: lists the advantages of consumer loans, pictures of community activities of FE Credit, our current products…
– Text pages can be customized based on potential customer target: multiplication tables, mathematical formulas, recruitment process, welfare policy…
2. Distribution:
– Recruit part-time employees or use our available field staff.
– Each staff will receive notebooks and directly distribute them to the student’s home or as agreed with the school before.
– In the first phase, this will be applied to a small location. If feasible, it will be applied on a large scale.

Benefits: The implementation of this idea is expected to help increase communication efficiency, expand the number of potential customers and support recruitment. For highschool students, they will have a positive perception of FE Credit before they are mature enough to access loans. For college students, they can understand our culture, working environment and start setting a career orientation at FE Credit. In addition, this is also a good way for parents to know about our company’s products.


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