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dương minh thuận
Idea Code: 40-3292

Context: After Covid-19 pandemic, there is a significant increasing in saving deposit, investment and insurance accounts opening which creates potential opportunity for expanding mentioned utilities on the Ubank App.Idea proposal: Develop the following utility packages on the Ubank App(1) – Super flexible term deposit: Customers can choose the desired term of week/month/year and receive the […]

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Emily Nguyen
Idea Code: 40-3290

Context: Chat funtion on the FE Online Mobile App currently only supports for texts which is time-consuming, misleading messages (wrong word, abbreviation, incomplete expression, etc.) discussed between Customer Service and customers directly affecting assistance service quality discussed between Customer Service and customers directly affecting assistance service quality. Idea proposal: Build Voice message feature on FE […]

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Emily Nguyen
Idea Code: 40-3253

Context: There are 2 options for contact Ubank Customer Service on Ubank App: phone and email. Calling costs money while Emailing wastes time. Customers may chat with Ubank via Facebook Messenger to avoid such expenses. Communicating through other channels instead of internal solution creates a major issue in individual identification. Idea proposal: Implement Live chat […]

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Trần Quang Minh
Idea Code: 40-3278

Context: Digital banking is one of digitization trends in today world. There are a thounsand digital banking applications launching within Vietnam currently, how Ubank can be clearly differentiate from the others? Idea proposal:(1) – Set Beneficiary’s Nickname and Develop Voicepay function for UBank App(2) – Develop money transfering via customer voice (Voicepay) Benefits: The feature […]

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